Since 1934, HI-USA has operated a network of hostels to encourage and enable low impact travel while preserving and protecting the landmark buildings, national parks, and communities where they reside. Our hostels are built on the concept of shared spaces to foster interaction between guests and reduce our carbon footprint.

From retrofitting historic buildings in New York City and Chicago, to repurposing lighthouses in California, HI-USA has sought to operate our hostels in an environmentally responsible manner, measuring and communicating our impacts to the hostel community and the public.

Additionally, HI-USA’s Hostel Quality Standards mandates compliance with a set of environmental best practices, which are identified here.

Certifications and Designations


  • HI-Portland Hawthorne
  • HI-Portland Northwest
  • HI-San Diego, Point Loma


  • HI-San Diego, Downtown


  • HI-Boston
  • HI-Houston, The Morty Rich Hostel
  • HI-Los Angeles, Santa Monica
  • HI-Monterey
  • HI-Point Montara Lighthouse
  • HI-Point Reyes
  • HI-Washington DC

  • HI-Point Montara Lighthouse

  • HI-Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Sustainabilty Awards

  • HI-Boston

  • HI-Los Angeles, Santa Monica