Building the Endowment Fund

Help us ensure hostelling in the 21st century!

Our Endowment needs to be sufficient to guarantee certainty for the hostels we operate and to assure our services for future youth outreach. It also can help to provide essential reserves during times of economic uncertainty.

  • Hostels. HI-USA must be in a position to furnish support to ensure our hostels can adapt to changing needs. We want to be sure our buildings continue to deliver the best hostelling experience.
  • Programs. Our programs are an important way we introduce young adults and others to hostel travel. We rely extensively on volunteers as program leaders. We want to be sure we can continue to provide quality training to support program leadership.
  • General Operating. Endowment for general purposes is necessary to assure the continuity of HI-USA’s present level and quality of education and service. We must be in the position to increase our own level of excellence in delivering the hostelling experience.


If you have any questions about supporting HI-USA or need assistance with making a donation, please contact us at 888-449-8727 or