Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Imagine a world where intercultural dialogue and responsible travel are part of every individual's experience. It's the sort of world that Hostelling International-USA doesn't just dream about - it's a world we are hard at work creating. And now, through a dynamic new initiative, Hostelling International-USA is taking exciting steps forward towards fulfilling its mission of international understanding and exchange.

International Background: In the summer of 2002, the International Youth Hostel Federation launched a global "Youth Hostelling for Peace and International Understanding" initiative. Created in "response to the dramatic, violent conflicts that tear cultures and nations apart," Hostelling International, as a worldwide organization, saw the great need to work together to strengthen our global community. "Youth Hostelling for Peace and International Understanding" is designed to highlight the intercultural dialogue and understanding taking place in over 4,000 hostels in more than 60 countries around the world.

In the United States: At the same time the international program was being developed, national organizations like Hostelling International-USA (HI-USA) were asked to develop their own initiatives that built on the international theme.

Now, HI-USA is pleased to announce the launch of Opening Doors, Opening Minds for members, travelers and the public in the United States. The purpose of this initiative is:

“To build a new generation of global citizens, unburdened by stereotypes, emboldened by open minds, appreciative of their own heritage and understanding of others, through the dialogue and education that comes through hostelling.”

"Opening Doors, Opening Minds" will come to life through several programs designed to foster local and global community interactions, and to celebrate the mission of hostelling. The initiative will also seek to embrace partnerships between like-minded organizations and businesses.