Your next hostel stay could mean finding the love your life. But don’t take our word for it – take theirs:


Meininger Hostel

I met Joe Feeley at the Meininger Hostel in Hamburg in March 2011. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he was forced to stay an extra night in the city, so he checked into my room on my last night there. We had some drinks and stayed up late chatting, and Joe walked me to the train station at 6am so I could catch my early train to Austria. We are still seeing each other today.

–Liz Cooper

Argonaut Hostel

Two and a half years ago I ended up in Riga, Latvia, and met Patrick. I was traveling with an Irish guy and an Aussie guy, so I met them in the common room to chat about dinner plans. In spreading the hostel love vibe, I invited everyone in the common room to join, including Patrick. The night turned into a massively fun one. Patrick and I started talking more and more as the night progressed. When it got late, we walked to the 10-bed dorm room — yes, we happened to be in the same room. That was the beginning of what has now been a 2.5 year relationship and the reason for my migration to Australia.

–Brooke vs. the World


I met my wife at HI-Sacramento in 2004. She was a guest that I almost didn't check in because she didn't have proper ID. After she was able to produce the proper documentation I checked her in, we got to talking and hit it off. She stayed one night, left the following morning and didn't come back for over a year. The minute she walked in the door in 2005 I remembered her (she had proper ID at this time) and we continued talking...and talking...and talking. We were married at the hostel 5 years later.

–Casey J. Maloney


HI-Marin Headlands

It was March 11, 2000, when Kaci and I first met at the Marin Headlands Hostel. After three weeks of working and hanging out together, it was she who popped the question. We hadn’t even held hands or kissed, let alone gone on a date. But sitting in the kitchen, just back from a late evening stroll along Rodeo Beach, there it was: “Will you marry me?” Naturally, I said yes. The next day I bought her a ring at the Salvation Army store in San Rafael.

–Ryan Forsythe


Golden Gate Council

In 1966, I decided to check out American Youth Hostel (AYH) chapter – the Golden Gate Council. Soon I became involved with the Sailing Committee and was in charge of two boats, running day trips and giving sailing lessons. One of my sailing students in an AYH program was Valerie Fieldgate – we fell in love and got married in 1969. Two of my other friends also met their spouses on a similar boating trip.

–Ron Montes


HI-Point Montara Lighthouse

I met my partner, Janice, while working at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel in February 1995, on the second night of her first stay in a hostel. Three years later she went north with me to manage the Redwood Hostel. We were married a year later at Point Montara – we thought it only fitting that we share our commitment to one another with family and friends at the place where we first met. We had 6 wonderful years at Redwood Hostel and have been managing HI-Montara together since 2003.

–Christopher Bauman


HI-San Francisco City Center

I met my now husband at HI-San Francisco City Center in June 2008, did the long distance thing for a couple of years between Northern Ireland and Savannah GA, now we're married and living the dream! We'll be back to visit for sure!



HI-Santa Monica

I met my husband at a pub crawl at HI-Santa Monica!


HI-Portland Northwest

One day in 1996, I got a letter from a young woman from Germany. A letter that would later change my life! Britta wanted a life changing experience in another country and thought that working in a hostel would do just that. It would take 2 years longer before it actually worked out for her to come over, but the timing was perfect with the opening of Portland Hostel – Northwest. Her 3-month stay went fast, but she would later come back for another year, and then for a year and a half! We’ve now known each other for over 12 years, became great friends, and are now married since 2003.

-Jim Kennett

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