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  • Many Airlines provide sevice between destinations with the USA. To get the best deal, it helps to research your options and book your tickets in advance.
  • For discount flights for travel across America visit

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Ground Transportation

The USA is a big place. The distance from New York City to Los Angeles is almost 2,400 miles / 4,000 km. Its farther than going from Lisbon to Moscow. The transit systems in the USA are well developed, but interstate travel is dominated by a few national carriers. MegaBus is a great value coach service that connects with much of the HI-USA hostel network. AMTRAK is the national passenger rail service, and Greyhound is the largest motor coach operator. Many hostels will list directions from the nearest AMTRAK or Greyhound station. For destination or ticket information, see their websites below.


Travel Gear

Health, Safety & Documents

Planning ahead can help you make your next trip a safe and healthy trip. It helps should make yourself aware of any health or safety situatons that you may encounter on your journey. HI-USA members can take advantage of the basic travel insurance provided with your membership, or take advantage of upgraded coverage. Learn more about it here.

Traveling Overseas

HI-USA Traveling Overseas


Getting There

There are numerous flight options for international travel from all major centers across the USA. However, the range of options will vary depending upon the airlines actually operating in each particular center. This will impact the schedule and routing choices, as well as the flight costs from that center. Before you book your next international flight take some time to review multiple carrier option websites and as well as individual airline sites to compare, because prices can very greatly and change routinely, even for the same flight!

Getting Around

While travel across Europe has traditionally made use of the extensive rail network, budget airlines motor coaches are quickly becoming an inexpensive alternative. It helps to resarch your options as well as your itinerary to make the most of your time, and enjoy the journey.

Health, Safety & Documents