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Governance Details

Annual Report

HI USA 2018 Annual Report

Vision 2020

Charting a Path to Vision 2020

Vision 2020 depicts a future in which HI USA will lead a hostelling movement that has a profound impact on society.

Board Commitments/Conflicts

Board Service Commitment Pledge

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Board Member URS Questionnaire FY2015

Mission, Credo, Code of Ethics

Annually directors must complete a Board Service Commitment Pledge, a Conflict of Interest Disclosure, and a Board Member URS Questionnaire FY 2015. Directors support the mission, credo, and code of ethics.

Policy Governance

Utilizing Policy Governance as its governance model, the HI USA Board provides clear direction to the CEO by explicitly defining expected outcomes that demonstrate achievement of the organization’s vision and mission (Ends Policies), by establishing operational parameters (Executive Limitations Policies), and by explaining how the board will delegate authority to the CEO (Board-CEO Linkage Policies). The board describes its role and the standards of group and individual behavior to which it agrees to hold itself in Governance Process Policies.

Legal Documents

Bylaws (September 2018)

Certificate of Incorporation

Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation (or sometimes called Articles of Incorporation) are the primary official documents for a nonprofit corporation.

Stakeholder Forum

HI USA annually organizes a Stakeholder Forum to share our progress with donors, members, staff and volunteers. Here’s the most recent results:

2017 Stakeholder Forum FAQ

The Year in Review: HI USA Highlights