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12 Ways Travelers Find Love On The Go

30 January 2018

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From the outside looking in, people may think that travelers never have time to fall in love. On the contrary, we believe travelers have the rare ability to fall in love with something new every day! That’s why we’re taking the time to celebrate 12 ways travelers fall in love all while exploring the world:

1. Fall in love with a city

When you fall in love with a city, there’s no possibility of heartbreak.The love is always returned and the feelings get even stronger once you’ve left. Falling in love with a city is healthiest thing you can do for your heart. It’s the perfect kind of unconditional love.

2. Fall in love with people

Now, when we say ‘fall in love with people’, we don’t just mean the typically romantic travel story about finding your soulmate across the world. We’re talking about the simplest of loves. The kind of love that brings back your faith in humanity and reminds you how easily strangers can turn into friends. Traveling can truly open your eyes to the amount of kindness there is in the world. Sure, at first things may be a little awkward but once that’s out of the way, the possibilities are endless.

3. Fall in love with a different culture/customs

From simple hand gestures to grand cultural celebrations, you’re bound to experience different customs while traveling. While it’s always important to respect the culture and customs of another country, it can be enlightening to bring these cultural differences to the forefront of a conversation in order to breaks down barriers. By doing this, you’ll experience a place in its truest form, creating a stronger appreciation, respect and understanding for its traditions.

4. Fall in love with food

Globetrotter or not, we all know it’s possible to fall deeply in love with food. What makes this extra special for travelers is experiencing cuisine you wouldn’t normally get to try. Simple things like breakfast in the morning can easily turn into an international feast with dishes, flavors, and spices you never even knew existed. We know you may not fall in love with everything you try, but there’ll always that one dish you slave in your kitchen trying to recreate (even though it never quite turns out the same).

5. Fall in love with anonymity

Solo travelers know this feeling all too well. When no one knows anything about you, you can start new. You make friends without fear of judgement. You can wander through a city, simply observing everything and everyone around you. Everything is on your terms. It’s quiet, peaceful, thrilling, and daunting all at one. It’s a rare feeling to experience and that’s what to love about it.

6. Fall in love with adventure

For us adventure travelers, we decide the word “no” should be used as little as possible. We don’t let fear overcome us. We’d rather take the bull by the horns and embrace anything thrown our way. Stepping outside our comfort zones is what drives us to explore the world. It’s a indescribable rush that feeds our wanderlust with every step.

7. Fall in love with a cause

While most travelers choose to take their trips as vacation, others find their love with travel through volunteering. There’s an added satisfaction knowing that you have taken the time to help others in need all while fulfilling your desires to travel. Not only that, but you’ll end up doing more with your time than just viewing the typical tourist sights!

8. Fall in love with yourself

Being alone in an unknown place can sometimes be very overwhelming, but there are many reasons why you end up loving yourself even more after you travel. You learn to trust yourself by seeing who you really are when no one’s watching. But most importantly, you learn how strong you really are. You may have your limits but in the end, you learn you can handle it all…. and what’s not to love about that?

9. Fall in love with accents

Accents are fascinating. There’s no denying it. Some are subtle. Some can be heard from across a room. But regardless of the specific accent, there’s something exotic about them that can leave anyone entranced. Accents add the perfect mixture of mystery, spice, and culture to any conversation and that’s why travelers fall in love with them over and over again.

10. Fall in love with plane rides

We know what you’re thinking: plane rides are uncomfortable, you don’t get enough space for your arms or legs, and you can’t get out of your seat for hours on end. So what’s to love about flying? How about the fact that in an airplane, you’re surrounded by nothing but other travelers! Getting to talk to new people and learn about their different culture and background somehow makes the world feel so small and connected. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the views!

11. Fall in love with the planet

When we travel, we often find ourselves experiencing the outdoors more than we normally would. Instead of sitting at our desks all day, we explore and breathe the fresh air of a place we’ve never been before. We walk around with the sun beating down our faces and even if it’s just for a couple minutes, we’re reminded just how beautiful our planet truly is. Basically, traveling brings out the tree-hugger in all of us, and we love every minute of it.

12. Fall in love with home

Getting homesick is inevitable, even for the most expert of travelers. After a long trip, there’s nothing like walking through a familiar doorway and dropping your bags in relief. While we live for the thrill of feeding our wanderlust, we also know there’s no better feeling than the comfort of our own home.


Traveling is the best way to find love on the go. When exploring the world, you’re able to find simplicity in your surroundings and get a deeper understanding of the people, places, and cultures you visit. It’s this kind of love that we should all celebrate.


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