• 5 Bizarre Drinks You Can Only Find in Hong Kong

    Dear friends, speaking of beverages of Hong Kong, you might immediately think of the famous “milk tea made with sexy stockings”. But well, it doesn’t end there! Now, get ready to be surprised by these 5 EVEN MORE BIZARRE combinations!!

    1. Black Cow (黑牛)

    With a scoop of chocolate or Rocky Road ice-cream floating on a cup of ice-cold Coke, Black Cow can be said as one of the most “evil” drinks of all times. Simply thirst quenching!

    2. Yuan-yang (Coffee with milk tea)(鴛鴦)

    Like its literal meaning “mandarin ducks”, Yuan-yang goes in pairs and mixes coffee with milk tea. It is sometimes used to describe how east meets west in Hong Kong. Don’t miss it - it’s a UNESCO recognised intangible heritage!

    3. Hot coke with lemon and ginger(檸樂煲薑)

    What do you usually do when you catch a cold? Take a Panadol, or go to your family doctor? Why not try this folk alternative which is said to get you sweat real hard to force all the coldness out of your body. BYE BYE sickness!

    4. 7-Up with Salted Limes (鹹檸七)

    Pour sprite or 7-Up into a cup with cubes of ice and preserved salted limes (the longer they are preserved, the better they taste), they say it helps to relieve cough as well as sore throat!

    5. Cream Soda with Milk (忌廉溝鮮奶)

    Yes. These 2 drinks sound absolutely unrelated, but the truth is – together they create a magical flavour! Try making your own cup at home!

    Where to find these drinks?

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    Image and text by Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association