• 5 Reasons I Like to Stay in Hostels – Especially When They’re HI USA

    Written by Anne Laure

    Anne Laure is the French-Canadian travel blogger behind Montreal Addicts. She’s stayed in HI USA hostels across the country, and here’s her 5 reasons she likes to stay in hostels, especially when they’re HI USA:

    1. Wonderful places

    lighthouse hostel during sunset
    The most amazing thing about hostels is… the hostels! There are a lot of different kinds of rooms, buildings, locations, and views. Old hotel or fort, lighthouse, cabin in the wood, family house – each hostel is unique and has his own atmosphere. Seriously, sleeping with the sound of the waves and waking up with this view:

    california shore
    ... It’s just amazing! And I really think that we can’t have this kind of experience elsewhere.

    2. Perfect for solo travelers

    HI San Diego Point Loma outdoor patio
    I rarely travel alone, but I stayed in HI Boston last summer and it was really great. I was a bit afraid about traveling alone, but staying in hostels was a good experience. I feel safe and like I’m at home. It’s not an issue now to travel alone. We can speak with other travelers and share our experience. It’s easy to meet people with the same goal or share advice about a restaurant or a museum. Need a partner for a hiking, HI USA’s guests are the best!

    3. A kitchen!

    fully equipped hostel kitchen
    During my one-month trip in California, I was glad to have a fully-equipped kitchen in each hostel… yes, have a break from restaurants makes me feel good! My bank account was happy too! It’s so cool to prepare salad, sandwiches, or a quiche! And yes, I love cooking, so I HAVE to cook during my trip, thanks to the hostels’ kitchens.

    4. Free activities

    free activities at HI USA hostels
    The activities organized by the hostels are perfect for meeting people or visiting a city. Last November, during my trip in California, I really enjoy the day where dinner was organized…. the curry at HI San Diego Downtown was perfect and very good, especially after a day walking around! In Santa Monica, the buffet was a big success! Great food, great people, great ambiance! And what about the Thanksgiving at HI San Luis Obispo? Amazing! I also, went to the comedy show and yes, sometimes, I didn’t understand all the jokes (my English isn’t perfect!) but I always had a good time during the stand-up nights.

    5. It’s not expensive!

    The last but not the least big advantage is the price! It’s a very good way to save money compared with hotels. For a long trip, the accommodation is usually the biggest budget item. Big dorm or private room, prices can begin at only $18 per night according to the location. And the icing on the cake is that most of the HI offers the breakfast: pancakes, bagels, toasts, cereals, juice, and coffee – a great way to start the day! Hostels are very nice places to stay on a budget.