• Desks Become Bunkbeds at HI USA Headquarters

    Hostelling International USA brings mission to life by replicating hostel experience at headquarters

    To fully bring to life the HI USA vision to create a more tolerant world, our Central Office team needs to live and breathe the hostelling experience. Traditionally, employees have been isolated at their desks in cubes or offices, without the means to engage in meaningful conversation that breaks down cultural divides. But as of today, we are changing that. Moving forward, all desks will be transitioned to bunkbeds.

    The dorm rooms are where our mission comes to life. It’s where strangers become friends, where conversation is a foray to cultural understanding. The relaxing atmosphere of cozy beds, where you can lay back and discuss politics, religion, customs, and traditions, make it easy to deepen your understanding of other people, places, and cultures. And this is just what our Central Office team was hoping for.

    “By replacing desks with bunkbeds, we will be able to live our mission at HI USA’s Central Office,” says HI USA CEO Russ Hedge. “This will help all of us be more in tune with the experience our international community of travelers have every day and, thus, better able to serve their needs.”

    The timeline for this project is to begin today, April 1, 2016, and to also end today, on April Fool’s Day!