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Pack Your Impact in Boston

07 February 2017

hack for 2030 participants

Hack for 2030

  What do you get when you combine 17 changemakers, creatives, and developers from 10 countries in a hostel for 48 hours? Hack For 2030, the first-ever hackathon inside a hostel in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Held at HI Boston – one of the world’s most sustainable hostels – this one-of-a-kind event was endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and featured in the Huffington Post.


Great Hostel Give Back group at HI Boston

Hackers received a free, 5-day stay as part of HI USA’s Great Hostel Give Back program, which rewards community service with complimentary stays throughout January and February. In addition to volunteering their time during the 2-day hackathon, participants also made cards for patients at a nearby hospital to brighten their day.

  Organized by HI USA, World Merit, and Wanderbrief, Hack For 2030 tackled climate change, quality education, and gender equality, as well as created a new app for the UNWTO:

The 4 projects being hacked at the Hack For 2030 hackathon

SDG 4 – Quality Education: LAIRN

  LAIRN utilizes airwaves to provide quality education to underserved communities in Asia, particularly Nepal. In order to send English language radio programs to local translators in regions with little access to laptops, phones, or Internet, the team built a radio wiki for the English team to upload their content to minimize download time.

SDG 5 – Gender Equality: Next Period

  Next Period hopes to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensure that all women and girls are able to continue their educations. Next Period will utilize the Amazon Dash button in a way that hasn’t been seen before- to donate to NGOs already working on the ground in countries of need.

SDG 13 – Climate Change: The Climate Express Bus

  The Climate Express bus travels through Ghana to prepare residents for the extreme effects of climate change. The team developed a website to share bus’s journey, raise awareness of climate change, encourage donations, and provide engagement through its ambassadorship program, as well as created a complementary app.

UNWTO App: Good Guides

  Good Guides connects green travelers with green locals for a better tour experience. Tourists use their mobile phone to find a local offering a tour of interest, from biking to hiking to food tasting, and can submit a request to join. This app also supports the UNWTO’s recently-released Tips For a Responsible Traveler.

  For more information on these projects, click here.


Hack for 2030 hackathon hackers

But this wasn’t like just any other hackathon. Our hackers had all the conveniences and excitement of being in one of the world’s top rated hostels.

Hack for 2030 hackers cooking a community dinner at HI Boston hostel

  Welcoming a diverse community of travelers is what HI USA is all about, and HI Boston helped these 17 strangers from different corners of the globe leave as friends. And they created some pretty cool stuff while they were there that just might change the world.

  The authentic, local experiences provided by our hostels support our commitment to further the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. This goal seeks a world where communities are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable by 2030.