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Pack Your Impact in Sacramento

22 August 2017

HI Sacramento Front Desk Associate, Maribel

All of our hostels believe that the people you meet are the most important and memorable part of the hostelling experience. And HI Sacramento doesn’t waste any time. When guests arrive on Wednesdays and Fridays, they are treated to Afternoon Tea with friends they haven’t met yet.

From 2-4pm, as guests wait to check in, they enjoy authentic Filipino foods paired with coffee and tea, prepared by a Front Desk Associate, Maribel. Attracting line-standers and veteran guests alike, it’s the perfect opportunity to start meeting travelers from all over the world.

food at HI Sacramento

And make sure one of the new people you meet is Maribel herself. She came from the Philippines in 2014, without a network of friends or family around her. When she was welcomed into the HI family shortly after her arrival, she wanted to share her culture with our global community of travelers and team members. Look for her during the afternoon tea, as well as on the overnight shift Sunday-Thursday, where she’s always happy to share a conversation with fellow night owls.

For HI Sacramento, Pack Your Impact is about filling your travels with meaningful, personal connections. It may be California’s Capital City, but you’ll get a worldly experience the moment you walk in the door.