• The Votes Are In!

    HI USA has recently conducted two elections to fill important positions on our Board of Directors. We are very excited to share the results of these elections.


    HI USA looked to its members for nominations to fill 2 At-Large Director seats. 16 outstanding candidates lined the docket, and our members have cast their votes. We are pleased to announce the At-Large Directors who will be joining HI USA’s Board of Directors as direct representatives of our membership. Each will have a three-year term.


    Alex Escobar Board Member

    As a higher education professional in one of the most diverse cities in the nation, Alexandra is a committed leader within her community. She is the co-founder of two successful start-up organizations: Roar Into College, a website that motivates Latino students to apply to college, and Project Long Beach, a web application that connects and empowers Long Beach residents to become involved and engaged. Alexandra was also awarded the Peace Corps’ Franklin H. Williams Award for her exemplary commitment to service and for carrying out Peace Corps’ goal of promoting cultural understanding.


    Cynthia Singer-Riordan Board Member

    Cynthia brings 10 years of experience working in international and experiential education to the HI USA Board. As a Site Director for programs at AIC Boston, she has worked closely with college students to help them navigate and begin their careers in a global environment. Her ability to work with a diverse cohort of individuals is transformative for her students and inspiring to her colleagues.

    HI USA is pleased to share the official certification of election results. Special thanks to Vote-Now LLC for their independent administration of this election.


    In addition to the two newly-elected At-Large Directors, on December 5, HI USA’s Board of Directors elected five individuals to serve on the Board. Erin Hamant, Charles Hokanson, Marcella McCoy-Deh, and Dean Papademetriou were re-elected to the Board for a three-year term. The Board also selected Sam Kassar as a new addition to HI USA’s Board of Directors for a two-year term:

    SAM KASSAR, Washington, DC

    Sam Kassar Board Member

    Sam Kassar brings over 15 years of experience working for top-tier management consulting firms, including PwC Advisory, PRTM, Deloitte Consulting, and Booz & Company, to develop workable, impactful, long lasting solutions for global clients in the telecommunications, media, and public sectors. Sam Kassar traveled extensively in his childhood, during his MBA (in South America and Thailand), and has continued to do so later as a global management consultant (in Middle East, Asia, North Africa, and Europe).

    The newly elected Board Members’ terms will officially begin at the next Board Meeting to be held April 9-10, 2016. These members will bring a range of perspectives, experiences, and leadership styles, along with a passion and commitment to growing HI USA.