Why We Hostel: Sean Anderson

30 October 2015

Sean Anderson in front of HI San Diego Point Loma

In 1996, I made my first solo trip to Europe, specifically to Spain. I stayed at hostels because they were economical. During my first hostel experience, I learned there was another benefit too – social. By travelling solo and staying at hostels, I was not alone. There were other travellers with the same situation, but they were from all over the world. We shared dormitories, meals, conversations, and sightseeing places. We were excited, adventurous, learning and living the moment; all the while enriching our experience in Spain. Since then, this first experience has been repeated numerous times, but all over the world. After my first hostel experience, I decided to volunteer for Hostelling International USA. I have participated in almost all the various programs for hostellers visiting San Diego, California. Between years 2002-2004, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania and I stayed at hostels during my vacations and trips around Romania. From my travels and volunteer experiences, I have made many life-long friends from all over the world. Whether it was Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, or South Africa, each of these friendships were a precursor to exploring these beautiful destinations, visiting them in their home countries. It is not the destination, but the journey that makes a trip. I may visit a place, but meeting other travellers at hostels from all over the world enhances the experience. I have a greater understanding of culture, power of language, and even promote world peace through hostelling.