Why We Hostel: Will Kasparian

23 March 2016

Will Kasparian

In 2013, the seed of travel was planted inside my head. For the longest time I wanted to study abroad and dive into different cultures. After months of researching I decided it would be a more incredible experience to see more than one country. That was the best decision I would ever make in my life. My first hostel experience was in the summer of 2013, at a local hostel in San Diego. While it was a rather quiet hostel, I was still able to meet people and make friends. The connections were, and will always be, easy to make. Months later, I ended up in San Diego again, this time at a different hostel. The vibe was much more to my liking, the people were younger, and we all shared the idea of just wanted to have a good time. I then began a one-month trek in Western Europe, where my life would suddenly and drastically change course forever. I started in England, caught a train to Paris, then Gimmelwald, Luzern, Zurich, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, and finally Berlin. Every hostel I stayed in would offer something different. Free breakfast, free taxis, rooftop bars, pools, bikes, you name it. 30 days of new friends, laughs, and ultimate bliss. I hostel to meet new people, to make connections, new memories, and to enjoy myself. You never know what to expect, and that is what I love. Everyone wants to have fun, be crazy, and return home with memories and smiles. People you meet are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Although the time you spend together is short, the connection is genuine. I never forgot a face, nor the name of a person who I have met during my travels. Some of my greatest memories are with people I barely even know. That is why I hostel.