• Will You #SleepForPeace?

    blue Sleep for Peace poster with origami doves

    Sometimes, talking to strangers can be a very good thing.

    HI USA hostels bring together travelers from more than 100 countries, enabling dialogue among kindred spirits from diverse backgrounds. These personal connections often provide new perspective on global issues and world cultures.

    HI USA is a non-profit organization founded on an enduring belief in the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places and the world around, which leads to a more tolerant world.

    On September 21, HI USA hostels across the country will celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace with unique activities that reflect the personality of the hostel’s destination, including:

    HI Austin is hosting dinner and a documentary.

    HI Baltimore is leading a Walk For Peace.

    HI Boston is organizing activities all week long, including a scavenger hunt, a dance party, a dinner party, and more.

    HI Chicago is hosting a dinner and a presentation, as well as creating a puzzle, where guests can write their name and country.

    HI Houston: The Morty Rich Hostel s hosting dinner and a documentary.

    HI Hyannis is hosting a dinner.

    HI Marin Headlands is planning a weekend of activities, including a walk, a Capoeira dance workshop, and a pizza dinner.

    HI Martha’s Vineyard is welcoming Boy Scouts who will participate in various peace-focused activities.

    HI-New York is hosting a full week of activities, including a New York Peace Sights walking tour, live music, and a talent show.

    HI-Philadelphia Apple is inviting guests to a free pasta dinner at the hostel.

    HI Point Montara Lighthouse is inviting guests and the community to “Gardening For Peace.”

    HI Portland Hawthorne is screening the film, The Day After Peace, followed by a dinner

    HI Portland Northwest is hosting a social hour and discussion about the International Day of Peace, followed by a brew pub crawl to one of Portland’s microbreweries.

    HI San Diego Downtown is hosting Peace Conferences, open to guests and the community.

    HI San Diego Point Loma is transporting guests to HI-San Diego Downtown for a Celebration of Peace networking event.

    HI San Francisco City Center is featuring gospel singers and other performance artists in a community event, as well as a horror movie marathon for hostel guests.

    HI San Francisco Downtown is organizing a dinner for guests.

    HI Santa Monica is leading guests through a progressive dinner at the hostel, followed by drinks and music.

    HI Washington DC is hosting Peace Conferences, open to guests and the community.

    Check back soon for more updates on how hostels across the country are celebrating.
    On September 21, stay at any HI-USA hostel and sleep for peace. Or help spread the word using #SleepForPeace.

    Sleep for Peace