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If we have a hostel there, we know the area inside and out. With many key attractions just a walk or bike ride from the hostel, a city can become quite easy to navigate without increasing your carbon footprint.

Leave A Green Footprint Across the U.S.

Take a look at our Green Footprint Guides in the cities below and stay tuned for more city guides to come! You’ll get to know the people, culture, and history of the place you’re visiting all while contributing to sustainable tourism. And if you’re staying at an HI USA hostel, you're sure to make some new friends along the way.


Los Angeles

travelers visiting Harvard University Santa Monica Pier

New York City


Staten Island Ferry passing Statue of Liberty Sacramento street with horse and carriage

San Francisco

Washington DC

traveler walking in San Francisco alley with murals traveler looking at the George Washington Monument


girl riding bike in Chicago

Green Tips from Lonely Planet™

woman checking into HI USA hostel

Lighten Up Your Travel Footprint

With a few new habits that won’t cost you anything, you can help make any place you choose to visit a more sustainable travel destination for years to come, whether it’s a Polynesian island, an African wildlife reserve or a historic European city.

woman checking into HI USA hostel

Fun & Easy Ways to 'Green' Your Vacation

Want to make your next vacation more sustainable, without sacrificing any of the fun or spending lots of extra money? It’s surprisingly simple!