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You love to get to know the place you're visiting with the company of others, whether it's friends from back home, locals, or someone you met over breakfast. And you know that sometimes the people are the best and most memorable part of your experience.

Pack Your Impact

Here are some ways to make new friends with people from all over the world, allowing you to learn about their culture while exploring the destination you’re in.

  • Stay at a hostel.
  • Discover a meaningful volunteer project through Transitions Abroad.
  • Do a work exchange through an organization like CIEE.
  • Participate in a cultural exchange through a program like IOU Respect.

Take Your Friends and Go

With friends in tow and safety in numbers, check off the places you need to see, but also delve into the local scene.  

  • Get lost around town (just make sure you’re being safe!).
  • Talk to locals for recommendations and take a spontaneous adventure.
  • Initiate your own litter pick up expedition at a park, beach, or city center and change the way locals view tourists.

Unpack Your Impact

Once you’ve returned home, keep the travel spirit alive:

  • Share everything you’ve learned and seen – the good, the bad, and the ugly – on social media to spread valuable insider knowledge.
  • Keep meeting new people by hosting a dinner party with a twist: invite 3 people, who each invites one other person no one else in the group has met before.  
  • Spread the word about how to #packyourimpact.