Dinner Party – Game Changers with HI USA

The Dinner Party

When you’re in between travels and want to keep the travel spirit alive, try hosting a dinner party, HI USA style. Invite 3 friends to dinner, then ask each of them to invite someone no one else in the group knows. What you end up with is a new group of friends, similar to what you might find in a hostel dining room!

Invite friends who are good conversationalists from a variety of backgrounds, and then cook up some food that lends itself to even more conversation. Our favorites include:

  • Interactive food, like fondue, tapas, or build-your-own
  • Potluck style, allowing each guest to present their dish
  • Travel themed, with stories tied to each course

Add Some HI Cards

We’ve made starting conversation easy – download our deck of cards for thought provoking questions that will get your guests talking!

The Dinner Party in Action

Our friends at Don’t Forget to Move took on this concept at HI San Francisco Downtown. Watch how their Dinner Party went down.

Don't Forget to Move hosts a dinner party with friends at HI San Francisco downtown hostel