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Legacy Gift Stories

Read the inspiring stories from our valued Hostelling Legacy Society members and learn why they chose to leave a legacy gift.

Kathleen McAdam

Kathleen McAdam, Hostelling Legacy Society member

Member, Hostelling Legacy Society

Kathleen McAdam’s decision to leave a legacy gift to HI USA is based on her wish to ensure the tradition of hostelling continues for future generations.

Help HI USA Plan Our Future

You care about Hostelling International USA, and I am writing as a long term supporter. For me, HI USA is not only about helping those, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people. It is also the spirit that moves volunteers, staff, and donors like you to perform acts of love. It is in this spirit that I’m asking you to consider making your own legacy commitment to HI USA, as I have done.

A bit of background. I grew up in Scotland, and then moved to Ireland where I was further exposed to hostelling. My involvement expanded when I relocated to Toronto where I was recruited into volunteer leadership. Maybe you’ve heard of Bill Nelson? He came out to San Francisco, where I had next relocated, and invited me in the founding of a new council there.

So began my next chapter in what became a lifelong HI USA affiliation that remains strong. I’ve even involved my children and grandchildren as members.

The thing I love about HI USA is how it changes lives of young people. You have to see the world to understand it. As a young hosteller from Scotland, I met people from England and saw that they didn’t have horns on their heads. You experience people from other countries, exchange ideas, share food, teach songs in native language. I may be naive with all of the fighting going on in world, but I still believe if we get to know each other, peace is a possibility.

I haven’t finished my hostelling work. I want to see this amazing organization continue to provide for future generations. I’ve included HI USA in my will through a bequest. My hope is to inspire others, like you, to consider a bequest or other legacy gift to HI USA. It’s fairly easy to do. No gift is too small or large. For those who commit, we invite you to join the Hostelling Legacy Society, in which we honor members in publications and with invitations to special events. Anonymity is always an option.

Thank you so much for considering. HI USA will ensure that the hostelling tradition continues for future generations. In the meantime we need to ensure the young that hostelling is here now, and will always be here for them in the future.