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  • Water the Gardens by Washing Laundry


    The beautiful landscapes at HI Point Montara are simply breathtaking, and attract thousands of guests and community members each year. But they are at risk. Climate change has thrown California into prolonged extreme drought.

    HI USA is committed to keeping beautiful spaces like HI Point Montara available for travelers from around the world while also minimizing our own environmental footprint. That’s why we’re applying for a Hostelling International Sustainability Fund grant for HI Point Montara. This grant would help us build a greywater irrigation system to water HI Point Montara’s native plant gardens using recycled water from the hostel’s washing machines. Every load of laundry done at the hostel will help its on-site gardens to thrive.

    In addition to building the greywater irrigation system, a sustainable gardening master plan will be executed to create an ecosystem at the hostel that benefits the local environment, staff, and visitors. Educating guests and community members on the benefits of and need for water recycling and sustainable landscaping is the final component of this project.

    But we need your help to make it happen! Please click here to vote for our project to win in this competitive grant process.Every vote gets us closer to our goal of creating a beautiful, sustainable environment for our travelers and the local community!

    Our goal is to recycle 85% of all the water consumed at the hostel to irrigate local sustainable gardens. That is equal to 104,100 liters (27,500 gallons)!

    Check out the hostel’s Facebook and Flickr pages.