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Asilomar beach in Monterey CA

How to Visit Monterey on a Budget

This laid-back town and its surrounding area boast epic coastal scenery, a world-class food and wine scene, and centuries of fascinating history, not to mention plenty of backdrops from the HBO series Big Little Lies. Here are five ways to enjoy it all on a budget.
whale watching in Monterey California

5 Reasons Winter in Monterey Is the Best

You may think of Monterey as a summertime-only destination, but one of the best kept secrets of this area is actually the winter. This is when nature tends to show off and any humans lucky enough to be here get to experience the wild side of California.
Fishermans Wharf in Monterey California

5 Reasons You Should Visit Monterey

There's more to Monterey than just Cannery Row and touristy treats. We've got five excellent reasons why you should stop at this beach town on your California road trip.
Music Venue Marquee in Monterey

Monterey: A Mini Music Capital

Sitting between the two pop-culture powerhouse cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Monterey might not stand out as a pioneer town for anything except gorgeous beaches and laid-back living. But in truth, this is a town of firsts: it has California’s first state historic monument, it was where the Golden State’s first newspaper was printed, and it’s also home to California’s first state theater. For music fans and appreciators, Monterey is a place for iconic firsts for pop, rock and jazz culture: it’s the host of the oldest, and probably best-known, jazz festival in America, and became the unofficial Ground Zero of the ‘Summer of Love’ with the legendary Monterey Pop Festival of 1967.

Monterey mural

A Local Guide to the Best of Monterey

Welcome to Monterey, home of the magnificent Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, and a John Steinbeck novel or two. As any astute traveler knows, the best way to really experience what a place has to offer is to go exploring by foot. From your base at HI Monterey hostel, you can cover many of Monterey’s historic, scenic and downright delicious must-dos in half a day. The Queen of Cannery Row and Mack and the Boys

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