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HI San Diego Point Loma: Your Eco-Friendly Escape

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There’s so much to love about HI San Diego Point Loma hostel, the sunny oasis sitting pretty in a quiet community in Southern California. But one of the best things about this hostel, especially if you’re the kind of traveler who likes to be mindful about their impact on the Earth, is its commitment to sustainability. While you explore San Diego’s beaches, breweries, and fish taco joints, you can also rest easy knowing that your stay here will be eco-friendly. Take a look at just some of the ways HI SD Point Loma keeps green so you can travel responsibly. 

They Recycle Greywater

the front garden at HI San Diego Point Loma hostel

California has been in a precarious situation with water for the past few years, so the hostel found an ingenious way to reuse and recycle to lighten its impact. One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive here is the drought-resistant garden filled with ornamental and edible plants. The coolest thing about this garden, though, is that it gets watered every time the laundry is done. There’s a clever system that pumps the greywater from the hostel’s washing machines (where only eco-friendly detergents are used) straight to the gardens, so none of it goes to waste. 

They Keep Green Indoors Too

two women cooking in the kitchen at HI San Diego Point Loma hostel

You can hang out in HI San Diego Point Loma’s cozy common spaces or at the backyard fire pit knowing that you’re having minimal impact on the Earth just by staying here. The hostel was the first in the HI USA network to receive STEP certification (from Sustainable Travel International), and incorporates everything from energy-friendly appliances to composting and recycling into its everyday practices. So when you make a meal in the kitchen or charge your phone after a day of adventuring, you can do it eco-guilt-free. 

They make it Easy for Guests to Travel Green

people in the back patio at HI San Diego Point Loma hostel

An important aspect of sustainable travel, which you can find at all HI USA hostels, is the idea of community and making sure both travelers and locals can interact positively and leave with a greater understanding of different people and cultures. HI San Diego Point Loma has walking tours so you can experience the city in an authentic way; they have bike rentals so you can explore responsibly; and they host events for both locals and travelers that include vegetarian and vegan options. In short, this is an eco-friendly dream! 

They Need Your Vote

a heart-shaped wave with the sun shining through

The quest to keep sustainable continues, and HI San Diego Point Loma needs your help. The hostel has the chance to source 100% of its electricity from rooftop solar panels - that includes all the lighting and appliances, air conditioning, and staff housing! This is where you come in: each year Hostelling International runs a global Sustainability Grant Program and awards prize money to an eco-project that is voted for by the public. Every vote counts and brings the hostel one step closer to becoming the ultimate green destination. Find out more about the project or click on the button below to cast your vote.