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312 Mason Street
Union Square
San Francisco, California 94102
Call 1 (415) 788-5604

Explore San Francisco Downtown

Dolores Park in San Francisco's Mission District

Do San Francisco’s Mission District Like a Local

Our Mission District Walking Tour, led each week by HI SF Downtown Activities Coordinator Ellysa, is a favorite with guests from all over the world. We sent travel writer Marguerite Richards out to get the scoop on just how this popular tour helps travelers live like locals in San Francisco.
hills of San Francisco

Free For All: San Francisco

From the Gold Rush through to the Silicon Valley boom, San Francisco has always seemed to attract the kind of people who chase the big bucks. But you don’t have to spend like a Google Exec to get the most out of a visit here. In fact, the City by the Bay is an excellent stop for anyone on a budget – even if that budget’s hovering close to zero. So save your money for your iPhone 6 and check out our top 10 suggestions for what’s free – and awesome – in San Francisco.
woman on a bicycle in San Francisco

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge with HI San Francisco Hostels

One thing that is a must to tick off your San Francisco bucket list is biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the best way to experience it as a traveler and not just a tourist is by joining the weekly tour offered by HI USA’s hostels in San Francisco.

hostellers enjoying the view of San Francisco

A Guide to San Francisco: 6 Insider Tips from Locals

One of the reasons we choose to stay at hostels is that we are looking for experiences that are off the beaten path. Sure, when visiting a city like San Francisco, it’s basically mandatory to see as many of the major sights as you can, but as any traveler will tell you, we often make our best memories by interacting with the locals and becoming one—even for just a little while.

San Francisco Homes

9 Famous Addresses to Visit in San Francisco

Sometimes, while you’re staying at a hostel, you’ll find it a little challenging to connect with your fellow travelers beyond the usual “where are you from?” conversation – maybe the language barrier is particularly strong or it’s extra difficult to find the flooring for common ground. That is, until someone name drops their favorite TV show or starts singing along to the familiar tune

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