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in the beautiful state of District of Columbia

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  • HI DC: Peaceful and Patriotic

    Nestled in the heart of our capitol, HI DC is literally blocks from Metro Center and Chinatown and just a short minute walk to the National Monument and White House.

    The hostel has 250 beds and rises up eight floors. Its most popular hangout spots – the outdoor patio in spring months and large dining space in the winter season – are where guests gravitate to. Guests will also slowly gather on the first floor, speaking to front desk staff and introducing each other while waiting excitedly for a free hostel activity to get started.

    The hostel has a very active engagement department, wanting to ensure that guests get the most out of their stay and the historic city while staying. They host multiple walking tours including a Night Monuments Tour, Fun Historic Tour, Georgetown Tour, Library of Congress Tour, and an excursion to the famous Kennedy Center for a free evening concert.

    “We want our guests to discover the culture of Washington, DC through the eyes of our knowledgeable tour leaders. For that reason, we organize a wide variety of volunteer-led tours,” said Fatimata Gakou, Community Engagement Coordinator, at HI DC.

    The events are led by an amazing team of volunteers who want to share their knowledge and trivia about the district. “Our dedicated team of volunteers is the backbone of the engagement department,” explained Gakou. Also, the front desk team does a great job at making sure guests know about all of the free museums and local food stops (like Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street and Amsterdam Falafel on 14th Street)

    In addition, the hostel makes a point of celebrating (always with lots of food of course) American holidays and holidays from across the world. For Chinese New Year on February 8th, guest will gather to enjoy a Chinese dinner at the hostel.

    “Eating is a social activity in diverse cultures. So our dinners give our hostellers the opportunity to converse with fellow travelers,” shared Gakou.

    With President’s Day just around the corner, the hostel will facilitate an educational discussion about Barack Obama’s presidency, taking advantage of celebrating a holiday that celebrates their city! “You forget sometimes that Obama lives literally a 10 minute walk away. It’s crazy when you realize that,” said Ayeisha Woodie, a Front Desk Agent at HI DC.