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HI Honolulu University Hostel

Independently Operated Affiliate
2323A Seaview Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Call 1 (808) 946-0591

Directions to HI Honolulu University Hostel


No on-site parking

3km or 2 miles North of Waikiki, near University of Hawaii in Manoa Valley

From the airport you can take the number 19 or 20 city bus. Once on the 19 or 20 you will have three choices.

1) Transfer downdown to the Express A or number 4 which both stop about a block from the hostel. Get off near Metcalf St and University Ave. Seaview Ave is a short walk up hill from the bus stop and parallel to Metcalf St.

2) If your flight arrives after 9pm you may want to make your reservation for the Waikiki YHA because The Waikiki YHA office is open until 3:00am and the Honolulu office closes at 12:00 midnight. It can take a couple of hours to reach The Honolulu location by bus.

3)Transfer to the number 18 or 6 (Woodlawn Ave) at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Please Note
All bus routes run less frequently on weekends and holidays. Also,the bus will stop near the corner of Metcalf and University Ave. From the bus stop Seaview Ave is a short walk up the hill on the left side. Ask the bus driver for clarification.

14km or 9 miles by car.

Bus route may be longer.