HI Honolulu Waikiki Hostel

2417 Prince Edward Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815


For $28/night in Waikiki, where average hotel rates are over $150, HI Waikiki is the perfect “home base” for you to explore our beautiful island!

We accommodate all kinds of short-term travelers, from students and backpackers to airline employees to professionals coming for conferences. If you’re travelling short term to Hawaii, forego expensive Honolulu hotels. HI Waikiki hostel is a great home-base for you!

What to Expect at the HI Waikiki Hostel in Honolulu:

  • Free Wifi in common rooms only; catch up with friends on FB
  • No alcohol, visitors, or long-term travellers; after all you came to explore the island, not stay in the hostel drinking & sleeping in!
  • Knowledgeable, local staff; we know the best happy hours, bus directions, all you have to do is JUST ASK!
  • Clean & Safe; the HI standard you can expect!

Keep in mind:

  • Our 3-story building does not have elevators; if you have mobility issues this may not be the place for you


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