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HI USA is a member of a global network of Youth Hostel Associations through Hostelling International. We are proud to be a part of HI and hope that you will choose a Hostelling International Hostel whenever you travel abroad. Hostelling International is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in 90 countries, operating over 4,000 hostels world-wide.

HI also prides itself on its variety of budget accommodation: within the network you will find a range of interesting places to stay, from medieval castles to modern eco hostels, log cabin ski lodges and there's even a hostel in a jumbo jet! Some are small and intimate with private rooms, others are vibrant, buzzing places where you can meet fellow travellers from around the world. Remember that your HI membership can save you money on every HI Hostel booking, and many hostels also offer additional discounts or goodies to HI members.

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Featured International Hostels:

Eiffel tower

FRANCE - Paris Hostels

Paris is one of the largest cities of Europe best known as the capital of romance. This global city also remains one of the world's leading business and cultural centres of the world.

Big Ben at night

ENGLAND - London Hostels

London is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. There are great museums, theatre and galleries, as well as some of the best shopping in the world.

colorful Amsterdam building

THE NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam Hostels

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. With homes made on boats and bicycles being the main form of transportation, there is a lot to do in this easy-to-navigate city and even more things to discover.

trevi fountain in Rome

ITALY - Rome Hostels

As the capital city of Italy, Rome has held respected historical power and influence on western civilization, even being nicknamed The Eternal City and Caput Mundi, which is Latin for ‘Capital of the World’.

colorful Barcelona building overlooking the city

SPAIN - Barcelona Hostels

Barcelona mixes the old and the new in a unique style. From the Mediterranean Sea to the harbour and surrounding its mountains, nothing is missing from this artist-influenced city.

photo of the Museo del Prado in Madrid

SPAIN - Madrid Hostels

Madrid, as well as being the capital and largest city of Spain, is also known as being a centre for fashion, arts and bohemian culture.

photo of Toronto cityscape

CANADA - Vancouver Hostels

Vancouver is the largest metropolitan area in Wester Canada and is known as the culinary and cultural capital. This city has numerous public parks, mountains, and waters.

photo of Toronto cityscape at dusk

CANADA - Toronto Hostels

Toronto is one of the world's most culturally diverse cities. With an abundance of green spaces, a lakeside waterfront, and global eats, you'll get to experience a little bit of every country in this "City of Neighborhoods."