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Maryland’s diverse topography has earned it the nickname “America in miniature”, with its sandy coasts in the east, to rolling hills, and mountains and rivers in the west. Its largest city and port, Baltimore, dates back to the earliest colonial times. Baltimore is made up of more than 300 districts, each with its own unique culture and social flavor – which leads to year-round cultural festivals, concerts, and events. One of the most famous Baltimore districts is Little Italy, one of the city’s busiest restaurant areas. Perhaps the most often visited area of Baltimore is the Inner Harbor, the city’s historic seaport, lined with museums, shops, and restaurants. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the Inner Harbor’s main attractions, and known for its multi-story shark tanks, dolphin shows, and rooftop rainforest. The city is rich in art, home to the American Visionary Art Museum, a hub for self-taught art, as well as the Walters Art Museum and Baltimore Museum of Art. The Baltimore hostel is located right across the street from the Baltimore Basilica, the oldest Catholic Cathedral in the United States. The Knoxville-Harpers Ferry hostel sits high on a bluff overlooking the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, just an hour away from Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The nearby Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, consists of the historic town of Harpers Ferry, the scene of John Brown’s abolitionist rising during the Civil War. The park also features whitewater rafting, boating, fishing, and hiking along the Appalachian Trail. For all you history buffs, the Western Maryland Civil War battlefields of Antietam, Catoctin, and Monocacy are also close by.

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HI Baltimore

Baltimore is making waves as an up-and-coming city with a vibrant arts community, a growing craft beer scene and as DC’s quirky northern neighbor, and HI Baltimore hostel is a great place to stay while you enjoy everything this city has to offer. Though not at the top of many traveler’s itineraries, Baltimore is an East Coast gem that’s not to be missed. If you...

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HI Harpers Ferry

Situated two miles from Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, HI Harpers Ferry hostel is a cozy lodge that stands high on a bluff, overlooking the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. A rich history surrounds HI Harpers Ferry, with Civil War Battlefields and the historic downtown close by. You can access the Appalachian Trail just steps from the hostel door, bike the C&O Canal and...