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17 W Mulberry Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Call 1 (410) 576-8880

Explore Baltimore

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Responsible Travel Guide: Baltimore

If you’re headed to Charm City, tuck this guide in your virtual pocket for local insight on food, culture, and getting around. If The Wire and Hairspray have you confused, you’ll find this thoughtful city actually marries the environmental, social, and financial pillars to sustainability quite nicely.
Baltimore skyline

Free For All: Baltimore

From the lively Inner Harbor, to museums and festivals, Baltimore has a hefty list of places to go and things to see that are not only fun, but free! Getting around Baltimore is easy with the city’s free bus, the Charm City Circulator. With four bus routes and one water taxi route you can get around the core of the city in no time. Download the mobile app for maps and estimated arrival times.

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