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Montana is well known for its mountainous western region, most of which are geologically and geographically part of the Northern Rocky Mountains. The East Glacier Park hostel is located near Glacier National Park, which is dominated by mountains carved into their present shapes by glaciers of the last ice age. The park is home to the best preserved Proterozoic sedimentary rocks in the world, as well as a pristine ecosystem of various flora and fauna, including mountain goats, which are the park’s symbol. Coined the “Switzerland of North America,” Glacier National Park features historic Swiss style lodges and chalets, built in the early 1900s, throughout the grounds. One of the park’s most famed features is its Going-to-the-Sun Road, a 50-mile highway that crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. The mountain-hugging road’s highest elevation measures 6,645 feet and offers a great view of the park’s remaining glaciers, the Lewis and Livingston mountain ranges, forests, waterfalls, and alpine tundra. The Blackfeet Indian Reservation, home to one of America’s most culturally intact native populations, makes up the park’s eastern border.

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Lounge area at HI East Glacier Park Hostel

HI East Glacier Park Hostel

HI East Glacier Park

A Glacier National Park Hostel

HI Brownie’s is a gateway to the spectacular Glacier National Park. The hostel itself is a pleasant two-story log building that features 35 beds, a common room, front porch overlooking the Rockies, self-catering kitchen, internet access, lockers and laundry facilities. A café/deli/bakery are...