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Virginia offers visitors a wide variety of areas to explore and things to discover. From the trendy northern towns near Washington, DC, to the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, and the seaside city of Virginia Beach, there’s always something to do in the “Old Dominion.”

Richmond, located on the eastern part of the state, is the state capital and home to 5 universities. With an urban pulse yet small town feel, Richmond’s southern charm will draw you in. Cyclists, hikers, and water enthusiasts will find a wealth of outdoor activities easily accessible. For history buffs, the town is rich with early American history and boasts the birthplace of more presidents than any other state.

Expect hot and humid summers in Richmond, with mild winters. In the summer, temperatures range from the high 70s to the low 90s, but the humidity makes it feel even warmer. From December-January, temperatures are typically in the high 30s. Autumn is the most mild time of the year, as well as the driest period.

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HI Richmond

The HI Richmond hostel opened in August 2015 in a spectacular building that captures the spirit and essence of this vibrant, historic city. With a 24-hour reception desk staffed with friendly and knowledgeable Richmond locals, we can help you explore the Virginia state capital from top to bottom, inside and out. Take one of HI Richmond’s volunteer-led tours or join a hostel...