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HI Milwaukee, Cream City Hostel

Independently Operated Affiliate
500 E. Center Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212
Call (414) 510-2181

HI Milwaukee, Cream City Hostel Location



​ We’re located along the 15 bus line, which travels through downtown as well as the north and south sides of Milwaukee. From the Airport you can catch the Green line and transfer to the 15 bus line downtown. From the Intermodal station, walk four blocks to the Public Market on Water Street (cross the river) and catch the 15 bus to the hostel. ​

Bus fare is $2.25 one way if paid in cash. Both Google Maps and the MCTS Real-Time Bus Tracker app offer up-to-the-minute arrival times and you can use venmo/paypal/credit card to pay for bus fare on the app.


The Hop is Milwaukee’s free streetcar system. At this time, it is limited primarily to the greater downtown area. Pick it up directly in front of the Intermodal Station and take it to Van Buren and Ogden, then catch the northbound 15 bus ($2.25 cash fare) directly to the hostel at Holton and Center streets or a 20-minute walk along Van Buren which turns into Holton Street. ​


​ There are three off street parking spots available for $10 per day and $5 per day for guests staying 4 days or longer. Street Parking is free for up to three nights and free on Saturday nights if you register your car on the City of Milwaukee Parking Website.


We are located 4.4 miles away from the Intermodal station on the Amtrak line from Chicago and Minneopolis. Take the bus, Lyft/Uber, bike share, or streetcar, or walk to the hostel.


​ We are located 12.4 miles from the Airport. Take the Green line bus for $2.25 to downtown and transfer to the 15 bus line to the Hostel or the 22 bus line. Lyft/Uber is about $15-$25 one way depending on the time of day. By car we are 20 minutes away; take the Locust Street exit to get to the hostel on Highway 43. ​


We’re located north of the Hank Aaron Trail, which connects Milwaukee to Madison. The Oak Leaf Trail entrance is a mile and half from the hostel and connects to the northern Milwaukee area as well as southern bike trails that connect to Chicago and Madison. Use bike directions in Google Maps for the best routes, or call us for suggestions for safe routes to the hostel. ​


We are located 2.2 miles north of the ferry from Chicago. Take the 15 bus line directly to the hostel from Kinnickinnic (KK) - about a mile walk from the station. ​If biking- take KK to Water Street and go for 2 miles to Holton Street- take a left to the Hostel. Google Map bike directions have a few routes.