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OHA Staff

Meet the OHA team! All OHA programs are led by qualified naturalists who are also HI USA staff members.
oha program manager Josh Kerber

Josh Kerber, HI USA NW Educational Programs Manager

Growing up in a household of educators off and on a family dairy farm in rural Ohio, Josh's fervor for experiential education started at a young age. As his passion for travel education mushroomed, he found himself cruise directing in China, harvesting rainwater on an eco-village in the US Virgin Islands, clearing trails in the Grand Canyon National Park and committing to a year of national community service through Americorps NCCC.

Josh has also spent years in Southern California leading day and overnight programs for youth, with a focus on science, outdoor education and leadership development. He believes nature is good for the soul and that travel brings forth compassion, moxie, and fortitude.

OHA naturalist Neysa Budzinski

Neysa Budzinski, OHA Naturalist

Neysa began learning about the natural world from an early age from her father, a botanist, and her mother, an avid gardener and animal lover. She loves nothing more than to comb the wild for her favorite medicinal plants and then show them to anyone who will listen and look. She thrives on traveling to places that have proud ancient cultures and excellent food. Her favorite thing about traveling, besides eating and gawking at architecture and art, is meeting people along the way -- usually in hostels. She loves to create, dabbling in photography, origami, and knitting, as well as the fine arts.

Neysa currently resides in the Bay Area because she enjoys the culture and diversity that it offers.

OHA naturalist Greg Lake

Greg Lake, OHA Naturalist

Gregory has worked for HI USA's Outdoor Hostel Adventure program since 2007. He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and currently resides in the East Bay.

Gregory has over 10 years of experience working in Environmental Education (EE). His career has led him through Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, and New Jersey. He received an MBA from Dominican University of California and attended the University of Oregon for his undergraduate degree. Gregory got his start in the EE field while at IslandWood (PSELC) on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. Gregory has also previously worked for the National Audubon Society.

Gregory is passionate about both opportunities to travel for work and international business assistance. He specializes in the integration of science, history, and team building to address sustainable solutions to greater issues that are being faced today.

OHA naturalist darriel arnott

Darriel Arnott, OHA Naturalist

Darriel has been a naturalist for 13 years, largely in the Marin Headlands and Point Reyes National Seashore. Darriel's favorite topics include flora and fauna, Native American history and knowledge, maritime history, and tidepool ecology. Darriel is also a Registered Nurse and has a background in Wilderness First Aid.

oha naturalist alexandra boitor

Alexandra Boitor, OHA Naturalist

Born in Romania, Alexandra has lived and studied in Romania and Portugal, and obtained a master degree in Environmental Sciences. She moved to the United States and discovered the amazing outdoor education as a naturalist by Yosemite National Park where she worked for three years. Now Alexandra is a science teacher at a public middle school in the Bay Area. Traveling, camping, and hiking are some of her favorite activities that she can’t get enough of.

OHA naturalist AJ Bryant

AJ Bryant, OHA Naturalist

What started out as a 1 month trip to New Zealand became a 10-year journey traveling the globe. AJ’s travels have taken him to 40 states and 20 countries, including working on farms in New Zealand and Central America, working for outdoor adventure groups in Australia and Alaska, and being the Activities Coordinator for EF International Language School in Santa Barbara. Exploring the worlds' wonders becomes addicting, from discovering bio diversities in nature to meeting people from all different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, has made AJ want to share this love and passion with others.

OHA naturalist Guinevere McGregor

Guinevere McGregor, OHA Naturalist

Guinevere has always had a passion for the environment and finding doorways to reconnect people with its importance. She believes that by establishing a loving bond between humanity and Nature, we ensure both the balance of Nature and the progress of humanity. She has dedicated her life to connecting people with nature in hopes to increase stewardship.

Guinevere has been farming around the world for 11 years. She spent 4 years living off the grid in Ecuador, focusing on restoration and reforestation of a degraded mountain. She has spent the last 6 years in the Bay Area at Green Friends Farm; a volunteer run, organic, educational, permaculture orchard.