HI Chicago - Cultural Kitchen Program

Looking for a way to engage your students or organization members in a cultural education program involving research and food? Cultural Kitchen serves participants 15 years and older in an experiential and reflective program culminating in an overnight stay in the local HI USA Hostel.

Cultural Kitchen engages participants in identity exploration, both of their own culture and that of another country. In partnership with the host organization or school, HI USA staff explores the benefits of travel, the meaning of a hostel, and the mission of HI USA. The curriculum explores cultural norms and stereotypes all while engaging participants in self-reflection and teamwork.

This program allows for participants to reflect on how their attitudes and beliefs can be similar and unique to cultures different from their own. As the program culminates, participants prepare a traditional meal authentic to the culture they studied and researched, share the meal with hostel guests, and present their research. Participants then spend the night at the hostel and reflect on their experience in the morning.

As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Be inspired to ask deeper questions about cultures different from their own
  • Reflect on how their attitudes and beliefs are different from those of other cultures and communities
  • Exhibit curiosity about what can be learned from diversity of communities and cultures
  • Identify and explain multiple perspectives when exploring subjects within natural and human systems