Hostel Activities

Every aspect of your hostel stay has been thoughtfully designed to connect you with fellow travelers. From the dorm room to the common room, you never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn and where you’ll go together. Stop by the communal kitchen to “see what’s cooking” and make touring plans over a tasty new dish (or share an old favorite of your own). The hostelling experience is one of a kind, all over the world.

Here are just a few of the activities you will find at our hostels.

Mixers and welcome parties

Mixers and Welcome Parties

Thirsty? Our hostel mixers invite you to sample new flavors and regional beverages, all while mingling with hostel guests and local community members. Explore specially themed gatherings and immerse yourself in the history of your hostel’s community (with drink in hand)!


Tours and outings

Tours and Outings

Our volunteers and hostel staff invite you into their world and share authentic local experiences that you’re not going to find in any guidebook. Join a hostel outing for new perspectives on iconic landmarks, tasty culinary adventures, local street art and other hidden gems. Be a traveler, not a tourist.


Shared meals

Shared Meals

What’s better than sharing new food while meeting new travel friends? Nothing, that’s what. Communal meals offer an excellent opportunity for guests like you to enjoy local cuisine, get to know each other, and plan your next adventure. Come for the food, leave with new friends.


Pub crawls

Pub Crawls (21+)

Our favorite time of day is night. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you’re off the hook yet. Come with us as we visit some of our favorite 21+ watering holes, cocktail bars, lounges, dive bars, and dance floors. Our staff and volunteers will introduce you and your new hostel best friends to community institutions and local favorites.


Each of our hostels offers a unique set of activities based on their location. For more information, please visit the specific hostel page.