HI USA Volunteer Philosophy Statement

Volunteers are an essential part of the hostelling movement, playing a key role in sharing their own life experience and passion for travel with travelers locally and from around the world. HI USA volunteers are vital contributors to the future of hostelling by providing innovative ideas and resources and by serving as hostelling ambassadors in their local communities.

HI USA is committed to:

  • Treating volunteers as colleagues (not just ‘free help’).
  • Connecting volunteers with suitable assignments (with consideration of personal preferences, skills, life experience, education, employment background and availability).
  • Training volunteers about Hostelling International USA (its policies, its people, its programs).
  • Preparing volunteers for the job at all time (orientation, information about new developments, training for greater responsibility).
  • Providing volunteers with sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, patient, well-informed and thoughtful, and has the time to invest in giving guidance.
  • Offering multiple opportunities over time (through advancement; through transfer from one activity to another; through special assignments).
  • Listening to volunteers and inviting volunteers to share suggestions and to have honest opinions respected.
  • Appreciating volunteers for the time and skills contributed.

Interested in volunteering with HI USA? Visit www.hiusa.org/volunteer.