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HI USA Class of 2025 Board of Directors

Part 1

Part I helps the Board Development Committee gain an understanding of the background you would bring to a governance role.

Part 2

Section A: Personal Statement addressing the following topics:

  1. What attracts you to HI USA and serving on the HI USA Board?
  2. Given your previous volunteer and/or professional leadership experience, what would you contribute to the HI USA Board in terms of leadership and governance?
  3. What are the most important broader societal opportunities and challenges that we face today where HI USA can make a difference, and how can we as an organization help address them?
  4. What, if anything, would you like to share that is not reflected on this application?

Section B: Please submit a résumé that includes:

  1. Contact information: name, postal address, email address, and preferred phone number.
  2. Education
  3. Brief employment history
  4. If applicable, brief description of HI USA engagement and accomplishments

Section C: Headshot photograph which can be posted on the HI USA website.

Section D: One reference with the contact information requested in Section B. (This is not required for current Board directors.)

Completed applications should be submitted by November 5, 2021, to ensure consideration. Early applications are encouraged.

Board Application - One Column - Final

Part I: Application Information

Candidate Experience Profile

When seating a new class of directors, the Board Development Committee evaluates current director attributes and experience, and then endeavors to complement those attributes and experiences with the new class. For the following, indicate those where your professional, volunteer, and/or life experience have prepared you to contribute in a significant way to board deliberations and strategic decisions.

Candidate Attributes
Professional or Volunteer Experience
Previous Board Experience

Commitment to Diversity

Effective boards reflect a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints. HI USA promotes hostel travel in a world whose people reflect various human qualities, including their race and ethnicity, culture, political and social worldviews, religious and spiritual understandings, language and geographic characteristics, gender, gender identities and sexual orientations, learning and physical abilities, age, and socio-economic groups. Ability to convey the perspectives of HI USA’s target group, 18-30-year-olds, is also a priority.

Part II, Section A: Personal Statement

Please provide a written statement in response to each of the following topics.

Part II, Section B: Personal Résumé

Please include a résumé of not more than two pages that includes the information outlined at the top of the page.

Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

Part II, Section C: A Headshot Photograph

Please attach a .JPG image file that is at least 72 dpi resolution and has dimensions of at least 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall.

Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

Part II, Section D: Personal Reference

Are you an incumbent Board member?
Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

By clicking the submit button below you are indicating your interest to run for a position on HI USA's Board of Directors.