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Girl Scouts Love Hostelling

Girl Scouts love to travel! We hear that statement over and over from girls and their leaders at our hostels across the country. Let HI USA show you what is so exciting about hostelling for Girl Scouts.

Why Stay in a Hostel?

Troop leaders love that hostel stays are easy to plan, affordable and fun. Girls find hostels to be a great place to build friendships, develop a sense of community and meet international travelers. HI USA works with Girl Scouts USA to make sure our hostel network meets the needs of Girl Scouts, from meeting Safety-Wise standards to providing meaningful activities for girls.

Sample Hostelling Adventures and Learning Programs

HI USA has worked with Girl Scouts USA for years and can offer a variety of experiences to educate and enrich girls. Just a few of these adventures and programs have included:

  • Customized two- to four-day travel packages. Explore cities, hike state parks, or kayak the coasts. Travel packages add to girls’ adventures and help them work towards personal goals. Packages and activities vary by location.
  • Summer getaway to Cape Cod and the Islands. Girls discover the beauty of these adventure-ready destinations. Activities may include kayak excursions led by naturalist guides, surfing lessons from certified instructors, trekking sand dunes, renting bikes to explore the local seaside town and relaxing on the beach.
  • HI USA’s Passport to Adventure program is full of great activities and tips to help Girl Scouts interact with fellow travelers from all over the world.
  • Travel education workshops teach responsible, culturally sensitive travel. Programs are delivered by experienced travelers and get girls ready to be true globe trekkers.
  • HI USA’s cultural education programs offer young people from all different backgrounds the opportunity to get to know each other. Girls explore other cultures through food or art, plus other activities.

Interested in discussing hostelling packages or programs for your Girl Scouts troop? Contact us about Girl Scouts Hostelling.