Sustainability encompasses both environmental and social impact, which HI USA believes are equally important. We take care of ensuring your stay is eco-friendly, and we’ll help you pump up your social impact by making it easy to live like a local, experience other cultures, and make a difference.

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Pack Your Impact

2017 is designated by the UN as the Year of Sustainable Tourism Development, and HI USA wants to help you Pack Your Impact before, during, and after your travels.

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Our Journey to Sustainability

From retrofitting historic buildings in New York City and Chicago, to repurposing lighthouses in California, HI USA has sought to operate our hostels in an environmentally responsible manner, measuring and communicating our impacts to the hostel community and the public.

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Hostel Environmental Standards

HI USA’s hostels must be compliant with a range of environmental best practices to maintain their sustainability certifications. See the list of environmental best practices followed by our green hostels across the country.

EPA Green Power Partnership

Awards & Certifications

HI USA is a global leader in the Sustainable Tourism movement. Check out the certifications we've earned throughout the years, recognizing our efforts.