Addressing Water Scarcity | Hostelling International USA

Addressing Water Scarcity

Saving water has always been key in HI USA’s sustainability efforts. Find out what we’re doing to help and how you can join in, whether you’re staying at one of our hostels or out adventuring somewhere in the world.


HI USA Million Gallon Challenge

Million Gallon Challenge

Discover how colored lights, hi-tech, and 30 seconds in the shower could save one million gallons of water per year.


HI Point Montara Lighthouse hostel

Quirky Ways HI USA Hostels Save Water

HI USA hostels around the country employ unique methods to save water.


A red Hydrao showerhead for HI USA Million Gallon Challenge

Taking it Home

We asked one of our travel friends to try the Million Gallon Challenge at home. Here's how she did.