How Are HI USA Hostels Sustainable? | HI USA Sustainability


How Are HI USA Hostels Sustainable?

1. It starts with hostelling culture.

hosteller checking in at HI San Francisco City Center

Hostellers focus on the essentials and are more likely to travel light. They often choose public transit and shop local as part of their adventure.

2. Hostel design uses resources efficiently.

hostellers talking in HI Chicago hostel dorm room

Shared spaces in the hostel means less resources consumed per guest. Our hostels use less than half the water and energy of Energy Star hotels! Those same places are incubators for intercultural exchange and experiential learning.

3. Each hostel building tells a story.

pigeon point lighthouse hostel

From coastal lighthouses and urban mansions to a civil war barracks in San Francisco and a Victorian-style historic building in Manhattan, nearly all of our hostels are in reused buildings. Adapting buildings saves resources, reduces waste and preserves local character.

4. Our hostels actively reflect and engage their local communities.

tour in New York City

Each of our hostels is unique inside and out. From locally sourced materials to art from local artists to a community-reflective vibe, our hostels give guests a taste of their community from their first step inside. The hostels are run by local staff and volunteers who patronize local businesses and organizations when purchasing items for the hostel and offering recommendations, tours and activities for guests.

5. Our hostels are powered by clean energy.

solar panels on HI Miami Beach hostel

100% of our electricity will come from wind power in 2016 and 2017! That’s over 7 million kilowatts, which is equivalent to taking 1,016 cars off the road!

6. We walk the talk.

Green awards and certifications

All of our hostels meet sustainability standards annually. Our hostels look to verify their efforts through certification. In addition to two LEED certified buildings, we have 2 Energy Star certifications, 8 TripAdvisor Green Leaders, 14 STEP certified hostels, 10 of the top 20 greenest hostels in HI in 2015, and 10 local or regional certifications.

7. We’re committed to a sustainable future.

hostellers at HI San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

Sustainability is part of our mission. Our network-wide green team executes our environmental roadmap, and our Board of Directors measures performance by the Triple Bottom Line. From the front desk to our Board, sustainability is part of the plan.