Pack Your Impact

2017 is designated by the UN as the Year of Sustainable Tourism Development, and raising awareness to its importance is a HI USA priority. Throughout the year, HI USA and its hostels will be hosting events, leading campaigns, sharing information, and uniting efforts across the country and around the world to make a measurable impact. Learn more

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QUIZ: How to Save the Planet Based on Your Travel Personality?

Discover your preferred travel style to learn things you can do before, during, and after your trip to be a more socially responsible traveler.

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Leave Your Green Footprint

If we have a hostel there, we know the area inside and out. With many key attractions just a walk or bike ride from the hostel, a city can become quite easy to navigate without increasing your carbon footprint.

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HI Impact Hostels

Our hostels embrace sustainable travel from the inside out. Each month we’re highlighting different hostel events, programs, and initiatives that make it easy to pack your impact.

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Unpack Your Impact

HI USA believes travel is just the first step in effecting positive social impact, a lifelong journey that can and should continue upon returning home. Download our tools and resources to inspire making a social impact post-travels by keeping that travel spirit alive.

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