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Pack Your Impact

Maximize your social impact, while minimizing your environmental impact during every journey – that’s what Pack Your Impact is all about.  The resources below can help you make sure every trip is a responsible trip, without sacrificing all the fun!

HI USA is the proud recipient of the 2018 National Geographic Leader Sustainable Tourism award.


Your green guides to travel

Leave Your Green Footprint

Get inspiration for what to see and where to go, while being mindful of your impact on the local culture, environment, and economy.

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Impact Analyzer

Think about your next trip, and follow our scoring method to rate your journey.  Then see how you size up as a green traveler!

Green Tips from Lonely Planet™


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Lighten Up Your Travel Footprint

With a few new habits that won’t cost you anything, you can help make any place you choose to visit a more sustainable travel destination for years to come, whether it’s a Polynesian island, an African wildlife reserve or a historic European city.


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Fun & Easy Ways to 'Green' Your Vacation

Want to make your next vacation more sustainable, without sacrificing any of the fun or spending lots of extra money? It’s surprisingly simple!