HI USA Programs

Programs for our hostel guests

At a HI USA hostel, you’re more likely to meet someone from the other side of the world than from your hometown. You’ll hear new accents, try new foods, and encounter new ways of thinking. Best of all, you’ll get to know the people and hear the stories behind them all. That’s because HI USA hostels aren’t just cheap places to stay: they’re places to come together with friends you’ve never met.


Hostel Activities & Events

Travel is all about meeting new people and uncovering local insights. When you stay at a HI USA hostel, you’ll get so much more than a bunk and a place to stash your backpack, you’ll get access to local communities and one-of-a-kind experiences through our free activities and events.


neighborhood tours

Group Meals

There’s no better way to bring people together than with food. That’s why so many of our hostels host free or donation-based group dinners each week for guests. From family-style spaghetti feeds, to homemade tacos or curries, you’re sure to find food as unique as the new city you’re visiting. Better still, you’ll get to share it with new friends from all around the world.


neighborhood tours

Neighborhood Walking Tours

At hostels across the country, our staff and volunteer tour guides can’t wait to show you the best of their hometowns. Join fellow travelers on a guided tour of the neighborhoods that make America’s cities special, from LA’s Venice Beach, to Chicago’s Loop, to Boston’s Beacon Hill. Wherever you are, you’re guaranteed to get off the beaten path and meet lots of interesting people at the same time.


Sleep For Peace

Pub Crawls

This won’t be your typical night out. Join hostel staff, volunteers, and guests from around the world in getting to know our hostels’ neighborhoods on another level. You’ll visit historic pubs and longtime neighborhood favorites, and hear the stories behind them. And after a night out exploring the city with a bunch of strangers, you’ll end up with a group of new friends.


welcome party

Welcome Reception

Grab some some local snacks and drinks and get to know your new hostelmates at one of our hostel welcome receptions. They’re a great way to kick off your stay in a new city and will help you feel right at home no matter where you are.



Sleep For Peace

Sleep For Peace

On September 21st HI USA, together with HI hostels across the globe, celebrate Sleep for Peace with intercultural exchange activities in hostels and the surrounding communities.



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Programs for our local communities

HI USA also brings the travel experience to our local communities through activities and programs designed to prepare & inspire our neighbors to see the wider world around them.


Community Hostelling Fund Travel Scholarships

Travel Scholarships

HI USA established the Community Hostelling Fund to help make life-changing travel experiences more accessible by awarding scholarships to assist with the cost of travel. Our travel scholarships are currently available in 13 metropolitan areas around the country where HI USA has a community presence.


Great Hostel Give Back

Great Hostel Give Back

The Great Hostel Give Back (GHGB) encourages community service by providing free hostel stays in January and February to groups of 8 or more who volunteer in the community.




Intercultural exchange graphic

Intercultural Exchanges

IOU Respect is a two-week, intensive, cultural exchange program, bringing together participants from 6 different counties to explore their cultural differences and appreciate their undeniable similarities.

Valued Voices is a program designed to help you engage with members of your community around topics affecting your city, your country, and your world.