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Environmental Education

Outdoor Hostel Adventure

HI USA’s Outdoor Hostel Adventure (OHA) program in Northern California aims to foster appreciation, exploration, and stewardship of the natural and human world through experiential learning in beautiful surroundings. Each unique session focuses on environmental education, intercultural understanding, and interpersonal skills development for school and youth groups as well as adults. During the day and overnight programs, which include a stay at a nearby HI USA hostel, participants gain an understanding of the basic principles of ecology and human impact on the environment while also developing skills in global citizenship, inquiry and analysis, and team building. OHA is part of HI USA’s continuing efforts to inspire environmental stewardship and foster a deeper understanding of people, places and cultures.


Each OHA program’s curriculum and schedule are highly adaptable based on the needs and age of your group, and the school sessions meet requirements for California education standards. Topics covered include coastal marine ecology, land flora and fauna, and humans and the environment. Needs-based scholarships are available for schools in underserved communities.

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