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The Great Hostel Give Back


Neighborhood Youth Association – HI Monterey

NYA group in front of Golden Gate Bridge

“NYA is a college access program, so whole point of us using the GHGB program was to find a way for the kids to visit colleges outside of LA. Our program had never done field trips like this before, and our students come from low-income families and are socioeconomically disadvantaged, so many of them had literally never left Los Angeles. Before those trips, it was highly unusual for students to apply to and go to college outside of Los Angeles. My goal in partnering with HI for the GHGB was to open the students' eyes up to other cities and campuses. Since attending these trips, allof my students have applied to the schools we visited.” Alex, College Coordinator, Neighborhood Youth Association.

While staying at HI Monterey, the group volunteered removing invasive weeds from a state park and visited numerous college campuses in Northern and Central California.

CA Americorps Disaster Team – HI Marin Headlands

Americorps team participating in the Great Hostel Give Back

“Our team got a chance to interact with other groups and travelers from all over the world. It was also great to stay in the location of our service project -- it really connected (our members) to the work they did.” Lauren F.

While staying at HI Marin Headlands, the group volunteered doing habitat restoration work for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

College of William and Mary CKI - HI Richmond

photo of volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

“The hostel gave us a comfortable space to relax and unwind at the end of each day, which definitely improved the quality of our work as volunteers. The complimentary breakfast made our mornings far less stressful, and the kitchen made packing lunches and cooking dinners much more convenient. We also had the chance to hang out and bond more as a group.” – Perri N.

photo of Great Hostel Give Back volunteers at HI Richmond

“Staying at the hostel was a very immersive experience. I loved meeting both the travelers and the locals. It was very meaningful to be able to live in and explore the area we were serving.” – Bethany W.

While staying at the hostel, this group volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.

UC Denver Lynx Alternative Break Group - HI San Francisco City Center

group of volunteers participating in the Great Hostel Give Back

“The work we did while volunteering was impactful and meaningful to the organizations we worked with, the local community, and the perspectives of participants. During our time at the hostel, everyone in our group met new friends from across the globe. This indisputably increased our cultural awareness, insight on global issues, and helps to create a more tolerant and unbiased world.” – Marcia M

While staying at HI SF City Center hostel, the group volunteered with Prisoners Literature Project, Cameo House, Glide Memorial Church, and Planting Justice.