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HI USA Travel Scholarships

At the core of HI USA’s mission is our desire to support people of all ages in their pursuit of travel as a means of better understanding the world and people from different cultures. We know that summoning the courage to travel is a big step, and we don’t want those who are eager to experience the world to be discouraged by the cost. Knowing this, we’ve established the HI USA Community Hostelling Fund to support travel scholarship programs in 13 metropolitan areas across the country aimed at helping travelers aged 18 to 30 realize their dreams.


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Explore the World

The Explore the World Travel Scholarship is for aspiring global travelers who want to give back while they experience another culture. Scholarship recipients will receive $2,000 to support a trip that includes an educational or service component. 

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Explore America

The Explore America Scholarship supports novice travelers who are ready to embark on their first adventure. The scholarship enables recipients to get comfortable traveling and staying in hostels by offering free dorm overnights at HI USA hostels and a $1,000 travel stipend. 


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About HI USA’S Community Hostelling Fund

Established in 2015, the Community Hostelling Fund expands awareness of and access to the transformative power of travel. The Community Hostelling Fund also connects HI USA more closely with the local community, inviting local participation with our organization and mission. If you would like to join our growing band of volunteers please reach out to us now, we would love to hear from you.