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Explore the World Scholarship Testimonials


Check out what some of HI USA's Explore the World Travel Scholarship recipients had to say about their life-changing travel experiences:

Trenisha Bennett - Los Angeles, CA

Trenisha aspires to become a Research Physician in the field of neuro-gastroenterology and nutrigenomics to study the correlation between diet and the expression of chronic disease. Using her ETW scholarship, she spent three weeks in Manresa, Spain, where she participated in a pre-med fellowship through the Atlantis Fellowship Program. This trip was Trenisha’s first time on a plane and first time traveling internationally.

explore the world scholarship winner trenisha bennett

“Traveling to Spain has broadened my capacity to communicate. Exploring a different culture of people with different social norms has inspired me to be even more open and accepting of others who are different from me. I will definitely take advantage of the next opportunity I have to travel again!”

Raul Campos - Houston, TX

Raul had the opportunity to attend a research study abroad program in the Galapagos Islands. His work in the Galapagos allowed him to become more knowledgeable on current environmental problems, such as plastic pollution in the ocean and sea turtle endangerment. Raul also experienced his first plane and boat rides on this trip.

explore the world scholarship winner raul campos

"One of the best aspects of this trip was simply talking to different people. Getting to know my host family, local students, and professors was an unforgettable experience."

Ritu Singh - New York City, NY

Ritu traveled to India, where she completed a volunteer teaching program through International Volunteer Headquarters. For three weeks she taught English, math and social studies to students from under-served areas. She also took the opportunity to learn more about her own culture, her religion and its rituals while there.

explore the world scholarship winner ritu singh

“This was my first time out of the country, and I am so grateful for this life-changing experience. I got to experience new things, visit amazing cultural places, and most importantly, help make a difference in the lives of children. Traveling is so important because you gain exposure to new things, and I can’t wait to see what exciting adventures my future travels hold for me.”

Tanner Collier - Portland, OR

Tanner traveled to Berlin, Germany for a CIEE: Global Internship Program. He spent two months honing his marketing skills with Racemappr. In addition to making new life-long friends, he also enjoyed learning more about Berlin's history and street art culture.

explore the world scholarship winner tanner collier

“I learned that history tells the story of Berlin. Just like me my trip shows the story of how I adapted, learned about myself, and found that new, different cultures can open your eyes to a beautiful new life.”