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Travelers Education

Travel education seminars provide first-time travelers with the travel skills necessary for fun, safe and rewarding trips. In addition to giving great tips on getting the best rates from airfare to lodging and how-tos from paperwork to packing, our travel seminars prepare individuals to be responsible travelers who explore the world with cultural sensitivity and open-mindedness. Seminars are held in hostels and other venues, such as college campuses, travel stores, community centers, libraries and more.

Programs for Adults

World Travel 101 seminars are geared towards college-age and adult travelers who are planning their first trip abroad, and educate participants about how to travel safely and responsibly on a shoestring budget.

Travel USA seminars are geared towards high school and college students as well as adults and closely examine and explain the art of planning fun-filled trips around the U.S.

Women Traveling Solo seminars are for women of all ages who are planning to travel by themselves for the first time, or who are looking for smart tips on how to add more value and independence to their solo travel adventures.

Programs for Youth

World Travel 101 for Youth seminars teach high school-aged or younger travelers what they need to think about when they are planning a trip: what to bring, how to get there, where to stay, what to do, how to pay for it, how to stay safe, and the importance of traveling with an open mind.

Trip Planning 101 seminars are oriented towards travelers who are high school-age or younger. This program was first developed for Girl Scouts, but has been adapted for other audiences. The workshop includes highly interactive activities that teach participants how to research and plan trips, pack smart and light, and travel safely and with an open mind.

Support Travel Education

Travel education programs give participants the skills to travel through their lives and our world. Can you help Hostelling International USA provide more educational opportunities for first-time travelers? Please consider helping with a donation or by becoming a volunteer.