Northern California Outdoor Education Programs | HI USA

Each year, more than 1,600 participants of all ages encounter wildlife, tide pools, native plants, and star-filled skies through HI USA’s Outdoor Hostel Adventures (OHA) program. OHA fosters appreciation, exploration, and stewardship of the natural and human world, and promotes the value of responsible, meaningful travel and intercultural exchange.

Each of OHA’s experiential learning programs takes place in one of HI USA’s unique Northern California locations. Set in State and National Parks on the California coast, these hostels provide immediate access to diverse habitats and unique opportunities for hands-on education. By engaging participants in an exploration of our natural environments, each hostel location becomes an expansive classroom, where hiking trails lead to the discovery of ecological concepts, sensory awareness, and a more vibrant sense of place and of self.

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Under the guidance of skilled naturalists, participants gain an understanding of the basic principles of ecology and human impact on the environment, and develop skills in global citizenship, inquiry and analysis, and team building. Programming is adaptable for participants of all ages, from elementary school groups, to high school students, to adults.

Since its founding in 1986, the Outdoor Hostel Adventures program has served over 20,000 participants. Please see our “Programs and Goals” section for more information on how our half-day, day-long, and overnight programs can be adapted to meet your group’s specific needs.